photographs from NM, and eclectic commentary


SF Spa was *not* smoked out.

Got in my full workout. They had their windows open, but the a/c filtered it all. No problems breathing heavily during the treadmill portion of my workout.

Some old lady doused herself in some flowery perfume and used a machine I work out on. The front of my workout shirt now reeks of JUNGLE GARDENIA HELL. I hope it washes out of synthetics. 

Stench isn’t reserved for just ladies, of course … there’s also ‘running the Axe and Brut gauntlet’ in the men’s changing room. 

Between smoke and perfumes/deodorants, my nose has officially declared early retirement for the day.

Happy Easter!

Got out on my bike, in spite of headwinds, and did my usual ‘fitness’ route within five minutes of last year’s personal best. Bodes well for outdoor adventures this summer (if the national forests don’t close for fire risk).

I think I earned a cupcake.

“Any man worth his salt should be too busy to post on Tumblr on Valentine’s Day. GET BUSY, DUDES.”

– ME.

Decluttering my external HDs.

Getting ready for video production. Have to migrate over to the new iMac, too. Better everything’s updated, clean and organized BEFORE.

I call it, ‘decrapifying.’


My lot for this month seems to be “being misunderstood.”

One of these years, perhaps, I’ll find my muse and switch life back over on the right track again.

Notes from a search engine singularity …

Is there any term more exploited, bled dry of actual meaning, than the word “GENUINE” in a web search?

Ah, I know there are many other words suffering from the same malady. This one happened strike me in the face today.

It was once such a versatile, good word …

Sun’s in a rush.

It always astonishes me how swiftly the quality of light changes at this time of the year. The tide-pools of shadow fill, join … all rushing headlong into that final rogue-wave of night.